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34 Years Serving Bay Ridge

KInd Words From Our Clients


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     r j appel


    I have been bringing my two dogs to Dr. Appel for about 2-3 years now and I have to say THANK GOD I have found a knowledgable and caring vet right in the neighborhood! His clinic is always clean, the staff is so caring and friendly, and Dr. Appel is a really great and sweet man.

  My little Yoshi was in this past week for knee surgery, tumor removals, and teeth cleaning. Dr. Appel did an excellent job and my baby is recovering so well now. Yoshi loves the clinic and the staff. Yoshi was hospitalized and I was happy to know that the vet and I were in continuous communication. Even after I brought him home, Dr. Appel called to check up on Yoshi. My littleYoshi is a very picky dog and he doesn’t like just anybody, but he loves the staff here! When I bring him in, Yoshi runs inside the clinic all excited and tail wagging.

  I know that Dr. Appel and his staff truly care about animals and their love for them shows when I see his interactions with Yoshi and my other dog, Kiki.

  Thank you Dr. Appel for everything you have done for my little booboo and for taking good care of him. He is so happy now and i’m sure if he could, he would say THANK YOU! Kiki also would like to send her regards for taking care of her little brother.

Melissa Merizalde


  Dr. Appel has been the vet for all my dogs since 1979. I highly recommend him. He is knowledgeable, caring and gives you all the time you need! HE is the absolute BEST!! He will go above and beyond for your pet. He listens carefully, asks questions, conducts a thorough examination, and takes time to review your pet's diagnosis. He is incredibly knowledgeable and can perform most treatments, including surgery right there in his office. He is very collaborative with you regarding treatment options for your pet, and provides you with time and the information you need before making any decision. In short - he is one of the very best veterinarians I have ever seen, and has made the process of having a dog diagnosed with Lymphoma so much easier and less frightening. I would trust him with my pet's life any day. The Veterinary techs are all compassionate, well trained, polite and kind. We all need more veterinarians like him.

Gertrude Schuller M.D.


  We share our home with a number of pets and  we could never express with words what they each bring into our lives.  Health care for our pets is important, stressful and yes, costly.  

  Dr. Appel is thorough in his examinations and will discuss any thoughts and concerns he may have.  He has always taken the time and made the effort to bring us up to speed and we've always been given the option to work out the best possible treatment- meaning we don't have to choose all the available or recommended suggestions- and he will explain in detail what he feels should be the course of action.   The choice is always ours.  

  His knowlege of veterinarian medicine is clear and his surgical skills amazing.  We have never had even one post-procedure infection or complication.  Not one.  We appreciate Dr. Appel's follow-up as we often receive a phone call to make sure our pet is doing well post-treatment.  Whenever we've needed an appointment, he's always quickly accommodated us.  He has always provided our pets with urgent or emergency needs with quick and or immediate evaluation.  This may alter his schedule and delay previously scheduled appointments.   When we have a previously scheduled appointment and another animal is in need of urgent/immediate care of course we have to wait or reschedule.  Could you imagine being in an urgent situation with your pet and having the veterinarian say, "Humm, I have an opening tomorrow at 3pm.?"  

  Dr. Appel's staff know our animals and they know us, again always taking the time to be informative and helpful.  The examining rooms  are always clean and free of pet smells, as is the waiting area. He and his staff love our "kids", and I 'm positive he loves all animals-there's just no doubt about it.

Jeff Greenberg & Leslie Nelson


Our cat, Moo, had ingested a 17 inch long, 1 inch wide satin ribbon!! Before we knew this, we thought he was going to die. But Dr. Appel saved the day and was compassionate and caring through the horrible, week-long ordeal, as was his wonderful, kind staff. Now Moo is running around the apartment in circles like a one year old feline like him should do! I cannot recommend this vet enough -- our vet for life!  

Elyssa M. Brooklyn, N.Y.


Words cannot express what we feel in our hearts for Dr. Appel's devotion and compassion towards animals and the above and beyond care he has always given to our many pets for more than 28 years.

Over the years, we have faced some difficult situations.  Dr. Appel's experience, knowledge and delivery of information assures us always that we are making the very best decisions.  On occasion, when we felt there was not much hope, he extended or saved the life of our pet.

Most recently, our large breed, 10 year old dog developed a malignant growth on her knee.  Our fear was that she could lose her leg.  Dr. Appel performed a very delicate surgery successfully grafting skin from her abdomen to her knee. During her recovery, Dr. Appel cancelled prior engagements, stayed at the hospital after visiting hours, came in on weekends and even took her for careful walks himself.

The staff at Dr. Appel's office shares his love for animals.  They are kind, compassionate and extremely qualified when taking care of the animals and when assisting Dr. Appel.
We are so very thankful for Dr. Appel and his staff! 

Sonia, Debbie & Dawn Adamski 


Dr. Appel has been our vet since the 1980s when I got my first dog. When my husband and I got our dog we decided to continue seeing Dr. Appel even though he is located in Brooklyn and we live in Manhattan. While sometimes there can be wait once we are with the doctor he gives our dog Fiero undivided attention and care. He truly loves animals and has always been kind and courteous to us. For example, when we needed medication, he drove the medication to our apartment building from Brooklyn so that we would have it in time.
Dr. Appel is experienced, methodical and has always been loving to our pets. .

Victoria LaMura  Manhattan, NY


My cat has lived in 4 cities across the country and has seen countless vets in her lifetime. I'd have to say that Dr. Appel is one of the most caring vets I've ever met. He successfully performed a rather delicate and invasive surgery procedure on my cat, and she recovered beautifully, although the growth removed ended being cancerous. In the last two months of my cat's life, Dr. Appel was not only knowledgeable but sensitive as well during this difficult time. He and his staff instructed me on various at-home hospice procedures, and they were always helpful whenever I had any questions. My cat passed away (surprisingly close to when he had expected her to) and I believe her last few weeks here were improved thanks to Dr. Appel and his staff.

Ashley P.


My husband and I have been pet owners for over 15 years and have moved around enough to have had several veterinarians over the years.  Though we researched our vets and took to heart our friends' referrals, we never felt we had a true partner and primary care physician for our dogs until we moved to Bay Ridge and met Dr. Appel and his staff.  Dr. Appel conducts his practice and relationships with pet owners just as you would want from your own doctor.  He takes the time to thoroughly explain tests and treatments, and weigh options and pricing, and is conservative yet cutting edge.  Has your vet ever called you at 8pm at night to talk for 30 minutes about your dog's condition?  Dr. Appel does.  Our eldest dog began her old age decline just before we started to see Dr. Appel and his management of her care, and our options, was nothing short of stellar.  I honestly don't believe there is a finer, more brilliant, or more accommodating veterinarian in all of NYC and we recommend him to anyone who wants only the absolute best care for their pet.  We've seen him in routine care, emergency care, and end-of-life scenarios and he's simply magnificent.  Enough said.

Alexis Kruel


Dr, Appel is a wonderful, caring and outstanding vet. I first me Dr. Appel about 6 years ago when I had first moved from Park Slope Brooklyn into Bayridge, I had a beautiful little beagle who had become ill a few months earlier. I had a vet in  Park Slope and several visits and several $$$$ later he had no answers to why my beagle was falling ill. I came across Dr. Appel on a Sunday (emergency case situation) and 1-2 days later we found out she had cancer. I am sooooo greatful to Dr. Appel for his quick and amazing knowledge for quickly finding out the cause of her illness. He is compassionate, caring and a true [professional. We now have another dog (Bull terrier) which has become one of Dr. Appel's patients from day one.. We feel 100% confident, safe and are rest assured when Dr. Appel has our boy in for an exam. We hope that Dr Appel stays here in Bayridge for a very, very, very long time. We will definitely follow him wherever he should go.
The staff is friendly, courteous and professional. I higly recommend anyone looking for a vet to have Dr. appel become your vet. Your animals are like family members and deserve the best, and Dr,. Appel is" THAT"

John K.


Dr. Appel is the most caring and knowledgeable vet I have ever met. I am a certified animal handler for the state, I run a dog day care- and I admire Dr. Appel. He knows his stuff- he saved my kitten's life when another vet was misdiagnosing him- and he treats each animal as if they were his own.
He is always running late- ALWAYS. It may be annoying but I know he won't cut any corners while treating his clients, I appreciate that.  

Lauren R.


   We had a really positive experience here - Dr. Appel treated our kitty like she was his own, and he spent a lot of time with her, even though we had just brought her in for a simple checkup.  We definitely recommend their services. 



Dr. Appel is an outstanding, compassionate, patient, and extraordinarily committed veterinarian. His staff of vet techs are kind, confident, capable and have always treated me and my cats with warmth and respect.
To illustrate my praise, imagine my distress when my cat's appetite decreased and he started looking and acting ill. I brought him in on a Saturday afternoon. Dr. Appel examined him, clearly explained the possible causes of Jimmy's distress, the steps required to find out what was wrong, and the potential treatments. X-rays conducted in-house that afternoon confirmed that my cat had injested some ten or twenty of my roommate's girlfriend's hair elastics. Again, Dr. Appel reviewed my options, surgery being one of them. As upset as I was, I asked him for a recommendation. Dr. Appel said that surgery is what he would do for his own cat, so we went ahead. When I asked him if the surgery would take place that day, he said "Absolutely. We have to take care of this kid right away." He did not hesitate for a second about scrubbing up to care for my cherished cat on a Saturday night. He put the care of my precious cat above all other considerations. Dr. Appel and his staff looked after my Jimmy that night, and I got to speak with the doctor himself several times on Sunday. By Monday morning, my Jimmy (who was a bit sickly before this time) started declining. Thank God he held on until I was able to race out of work and say good-bye to him when he passed away around 4:30 p.m. I cried my heart out in the office, and I was treated with compassion, dignity, patience and kindness. Although Jimmy's little body just couldn't make it, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this wonderful veterinarian did everything possible to provide my cat with the best available care. He also treated this broken-hearted kitty mama with kindness, patience and respect. I have subsequently brought my new cat to Dr. Appel, and my boyfriend's shelter cat Betty is now at the peak of health thanks to our vet's wonderful dietary recommendations and vitamin regimen. No matter where you are in Brooklyn, Dr. Appel is worth a trip to Bay Ridge.   

Adria Hasha


My 12 year old Pomeranian, Honey had always been in and out of the emergency vet, suffering with a range of illnesses, the most serious being Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura, or more commonly referred to as ITP.  Aside from that, there were a host of other problems, severe dry skin, kidney stones that had to be surgically removed, luxated patella, rotting teeth, arthritis, hypothyroidism, collapsing trachea... the list goes on and on.  In fact, I almost put Honey to sleep not once but twice (per previous vet's recommendation).  
Enter my new puppy Pomeranian, Java, who I had to have spayed or her breeder would sue me for $2000.  I contacted my usual vet, but he wouldn't take the Muffin's certificate as payment to spay my 3 pound fur ball.  I decided to check out the list of vets that did accept the spay certificate and I came across Fifth Avenue Veterinary Hospital.
Dr. Appel not only takes his time with your pet, he takes his time with their owners.  He asks pointed questions, gives you options, explains pros and cons of each, and doesn't pressure you into anything.  In fact, I can easily say he is the BEST veterinarian I have ever brought my Honey to, and she has seen about a dozen vets in her life.  Not one of those vets took the time that Dr. Appel does, not one of them seriously thought about Honey's condition and offered a variety of possible remedies.
Honey's most recent issue was her severe hacking from collapsing trachea; her other vets gave her a shot of steroids; but the last three times, the shot was doing less and less to alleviate her hacking.  Honey would literally hack at least half of the day... it was awful!  Yes, I almost put her to sleep because of it!  Her regular vet told me there was nothing else he could do.
It has only been a couple of weeks since I first took Honey to see Dr. Appel, and she hardly hacks at all!  Almost NO hacking!!  Dr. Appel gave my Honey the quality of life I thought she could never have again!  I honestly cannot say enough good things about Dr. Appel.  The other vets NEVER told me that her excessive hacking would enlarge her heart; they never even checked her heart!  Dr. Appel is the REAL DEAL, he is what every vet should aspire to be.  I mean, if you were ill, wouldn't you want to go to the best physician? Good vets, like good doctors are so hard to find.  I'm so grateful that I found Dr. Appel.  I only wish I had found him sooner!
If my Honey could, I know she'd thank me for it.   

Francine DiGiacomo